Services & Pricing


Our fees are value-based. We involve as many team members as necessary for the same fee and we do surgical interventions to keep costs down for our clients. We charge as follows:

By project  – based on timeline and deliverables

By month  – pricing starts at $3,700/month based on scope of work. Six months minimum. Package includes work meeting(s), and/or prep, docs review, communiques and recommendations. (The $3,700/month startup package includes 1 monthly meeting of up to 4 hrs.) Grant due diligence work billed separately.

By day  – $2,297 (up to 6 hrs + 2 hrs prep). For staff/board retreats, strategy, optimization efforts, etc.

By hour  – $297

Dive Session  – $497 flat fee (includes  reading/research + 1 hr meeting + analysis and recommendations).

Tweak Session  – $925 flat fee for 4-hr intensives on a particular topic. (Can be used in 1 X 4 hr session or 2 X 2 hrs sessions. Additional hours are billed at regular hourly rate.)


We are strategists, co-creating with our clients custom solutions to solve real-world problems in a wide range of focus areas. We go as deep or as broad as the client needs, for quick interventions or for the long haul. We train, we design, we implement and manage in a cost effective way. We provide support and know-how for a wide range of social change strategies. We bring passion, humility, deep expertise, and a constant desire to listen and focus on our clients.  While our main geography is Southern California, we work nationally and internationally and have a Transatlantic focus with a primary interest in Germany and Eastern Europe.

Do you need help with any of the following?  Give us a call!




New Foundation Development

  • Foundation start-up and scale
  • Mission, Vision, Values
  • Foundation management
  • Interim executive leadership
  • Cause-based grantmaking
  • Grants management
  • Back office support

Project Incubation/Management

For funders who want to achieve impact in a specific area without handling the complexity directly, we design, test, conduct due diligence, find partners and experts, and manage initiatives in a cost effective way that resonates with community needs on the ground. We identify what works for any given philanthropic goal and then implement it in the fastest, most effective way possible.



Support for Established Foundations

  • Development of PRIs
  • Development of Mission-Related Investments
  • Impact Investment initiatives
  • Capacity building for individual grantees
  • Capacity building for grantee cohorts
  • Extension of existing foundation capacity
  • Implementation of initiatives
  • R & D
  • Grants management
  • Benchmarking
  • Hand-holding for budding collaborations
  • Facilitation
  • Executive Coaching
  • Process development/ model development
  • Assessments
  • TA for specific grantees
  • Oversight of particular grants
  • Project management





Model Design 

  • We help develop your philanthropic model and integrate it with your business model.
  • We develop specific strategies and models for impact (one-for-one, % giving, etc.)
  • Double Bottom Line models
  • Triple Bottom Line models

Implementation & Management

  • We take whatever you care about – from children to the environment, etc. – and create a mechanism for you to make the world a better place while generating profit and deepening your market penetration.
  • We help measure the change you are creating in specific communities – locally or internationally.

Messaging Strategies

  • We help you reframe your communications to incorporate the value of your philanthropic impact into your language and materials.
  • We help increase the value of your company.

Executive Coaching

  • We coach entrepreneurs on impact creation.
  • We bring additional meaning into the overall work, help create balance and foster a healthy culture





  • Overcoming barriers
  • Strategic planning
  • Access and strategies to include PRIs and Mission-Related Investments
  • Soft tactical assessments
  • Scale and replication efforts
  • Measuring impact


  • Executive Coaching
  • Board strengthening and management
  • Leadership development and support
  • Interim governance issues
  • New ED onboarding and transitioning
  • Succession planning
  • Strategic transition of funder’s leadership role


  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Capacity building
  • Developing partnerships
  • Building structure and priorities
  • Process optimization
  • Program development
  • Taking “it” to the next level

Nonprofit Start-up support

  • Co-designing the program model
  • Outline operational processes & infrastructure
  • Strategies to galvanize capital
  • Board support

Fundraising success*

  • Building A Fundraising Machine – the tools, systems, and processes for fund development success
  • Creating fund development plans
  • Strengthening fundraising strategies
  • Facilitating dialogues with funders
  •  Diversifying revenue streams
  • Turning data into dollars

* We do not fundraise; if needed, we provide a hand-off to our working partners.


Course corrections

  • Pitching to funders with you; shaping grant requests
  • Effective ways to stand out from the crowd
  • Raising awareness of the work




With sense of humor and an ability to flex towards the direction in which the universe pulls us, we like to take on odd, exploratory tasks that might not yield quantifiable outcomes while still being worth the exploration.  Sometimes change-driven work is about where not to go, or about simply learning what is “there” before making decisions. And we are not shy about tackling the seemingly insurmountable either.