Max Bobbitt

Max Bobbitt

Operations Director, Sky(lark) Europe

Brussels, Belgium


With a scientific background and practical experience in NGOs and the private sector in Europe and the US, Max brings a hands-on approach to Sky(lark) Strategies Europe.


Max has managed projects for a broad range of clients across the development, financial services, technology, public policy, health care, pharmaceuticals and environmental services industries. Currently based in Brussels, Max has also spent several years living and working in Warsaw where he was the Media Manager of Fundacja Awangarda. A native of Virginia, he began his career in Washington, DC as a researcher in the Council on Competitiveness, a think tank that focuses on the role of American Industry, labor and universities in the world. He has a Master of Science in Environmental Protection and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology.


Max speaks English, Polish and is learning French. In his spare time he enjoys doing photography, painting and exploring his current home of Brussels, Belgium.



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