Johnny Sayegh

Johnny Sayegh

Research & Development

Johnny’s focus at Sky(lark) is on systemic change through tech ventures. He is tasked to be constantly on the prowl for ways to operationalize and monetize innovation. Johnny’s time is focused on R&D and the expansion into tech startup territory, while supporting Sky(lark) operations, recruiting, and business development efforts.

In the past decade, Johnny has worked on various ventures that include nutraceutical enterprises, mentorship for single parent youth, and strengthening the community of Pasadena. Johnny is a California State University Channel Islands alumni with a background in sociology and economics. This dual perspective is informing his systemic approach to social impact and business ventures.

When not devouring books about entrepreneurship, he plays basketball, surfs, and goes mountain biking. One of his aspirations is to build a sport complex in the inner city to help youth avoid negative peer pressure, and provide them a place to gather and grow.


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