Sky(lark) Strategies is a growth-stage, Los Angeles-based philanthropy shop employing a Triple Bottom Line business model. We use a holistic social change strategy through 5 dimensions of the work (philanthropy advisory + strengthening nonprofits + leadership development and community creation through our signature program, the GG Society + building charitable arms for startups + nonprofit financing systemic change).


With a tactical team approach and deep experience working in the philanthropic field, we mix a business perspective focused on pragmatism and economics, with a commitment to community issues, and environmental health. Our sweet spot sits at the intersection of the for-profit and non-profit worlds. We are effective in environments where small teams are called to create deep change and we love the challenge of taking start-ups to scale – be it foundations, nonprofits, or enterprises looking at creating a social impact.


We believe that our world is moving at an ever faster pace of technology advancement, globalization and population shifts. What happened yesterday in Europe, Asia, Africa or the Americas has an effect on what happens today in California and vice-versa. As a result, we look at change strategies that incorporate tested methodologies while going beyond.  We are open to working with everything from traditional grantmaking to business design, constantly tweaking a blended impact formula, building collaborations between public and private entities, and creating strong alliances that can galvanize resources and co-create change. It is not about innovation for innovation’s sake, it is about adapting, listening, learning and arriving at what works.


With respect for confidentiality and a deep belief in each client’s capacity to reach their own conclusions, we provide knowledge and methods for success. At the core of our work is the belief that leaving behind something that matters is a thoughtful, passionate process moderated by common sense and best business practices. We’ll help you build your philanthropic brand and make a dent in what ails the world.