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Hello, I am Cristina Gallegos. My team and I want to work with YOU.
We use wealth and knowledge to create a better global society.
People like you call me when they think the world sucks and they want to fix it,
and when they see an opportunity to pounce on. We make them the heroes
of their own solution.

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37 million people impacted through policy work conducted by our clients in California

1 million mothers and infants in India had a safe healthy birth experience in part because of funding we provided from our revenue

>150,000 people in Haiti gained access to solar electricity in part because of funding we provided from our revenue

1 country in South America (Ecuador) has a better chance at democracy because of our work

2 nations (Germany and the US) have a stronger friendship in today’s polarized times because of our transatlantic work

19,000 orphan and abandoned children and youth in Romania have a better chance at a normal life

206 individual lives have been positively touched directly by our strategic work in Los Angeles

32 nonprofits function better & 4 university entities are stronger

We had 513% growth in business volume and we donated 400+ Pro Bono hours


The Future of Work is brighter, the impact of Alzheimer is less bleak, and the nonprofit field as a whole is stronger because of we exist.

  • Foundations If you want to use your money to build your legacy and achieve real shifts, call us.
    If you want to inspire your kids to do good in the world, we are here!

    We can help you build initiatives and deal with your back office work.

    Solutions fueled by Design Thinking
    Executive Coaching
    Board Retreats
  • Universities If you want to become the best in your domain, call us. We help academic institutions become a leader in their space.

    We create good plans and robust goals.
    We build fundraising machines and shape development strategies.

    We use Human Centered Design to shift processes with the Student and the Faculty at the center of the work.

    Leadership Development
    Culture Shifts
  • Nonprofits If you need help with the not-so-basics, we do it in an entrepreneurial, non-traditional way.

    Our effective processes are rooted in cognitive behavior and the neurobiology of leadership. Nobody does it like us.

    Board Development
    Strategic Planning



Sky(lark) Strategies is a Silicon Beach philanthropy shop employing a Triple Bottom Line business model. We work primarily in California, EU, and Asia and we help Foundations, Universities and NGOs to make themselves, and the world, better. This is real for us: we push ourselves towards a future where, by 2050 we positively impact, in small or large ways, 10 billion people. 


We provide knowledge and methods for success. On a day to day basis, we mix a pragmatic business perspective with a commitment to community issues and environmental health at the intersection of the for-profit and non-profit worlds. We are effective on projects where small teams are called to create deep change, and we get a kick from knowing that we see opportunities and intersections most people don’t stop long enough to notice.


We really love working on building partnership, digging for solutions to Grand Challenges (diseases, dictatorship, the impact of automation, global problems,  community or systemic issues, etc.)  and taking start-up efforts to scale – be it foundations, nonprofits, or enterprises looking at creating a social impact.


We believe that our world is moving at an ever faster pace of technology advancement, globalization, and population shifts. What happened yesterday in Europe, Asia, Africa or the Americas has an effect on what happens today in California and vice-versa. As a result, we look at change strategies that incorporate tested methodologies while going beyond.  We are open to working with everything from traditional grantmaking to business design, constantly tweaking a blended impact formula, building collaborations, and creating strong alliances that can galvanize resources and co-create change. It is not about innovation for innovation’s sake, it is about adapting, listening, learning, and arriving at what works.



Our first decade (2016-2026) is our Transatlantic Decade. With a California + Europe lens, we are working on building NGO financial, strategic and programmatic prowess, and on solving global challenges. Our current focus is on public/private partnerships and innovating initiatives with European entities, while solidifying our local market share.  We are investing time and effort in strengthening the relationship between the US and EU at the level of civil society, infusing action from California eastwards,  and using social entrepreneurship to push the nonprofit field from bootstrapping to affluence while generating progress towards the advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically, SDG 17: Partnership for the Goals. As demand-based requests arrive from entities in other parts of the world, we are judicious on what we take on, and what we set aside.


Our second decade (2027-2037) is our TransPacific Decade capturing market share in Asia/Pacific, while continuing to strengthen the civil society as a whole, building synergies, and creating more collaborations in US and EU.


Our third decade (2038-2048) is going to be our True Global Decade, helping to infuse demand-based, effective change strategies in societies all over the world, and empowering others to actualize their own agenda of positive, sustainable change.


Call us: +1 (310) 387 7017. We’ll help you shape your impact and make a dent in what ails the world.



We use an on-demand staffing structure drawing from partnerships with experts in a variety of areas such as evaluation, research, communication, etc.  Operating in a variety of grantmaking areas from education, to health, early childhood, the arts, food security, housing, foster youth, sciences, the environment and so on, provides us with a pretty hefty content-specific knowledge base; that being said, we are process experts.  When there is a need for capacity or for a specialized skill-set, we contract with one or more of our community partners, bringing aboard, long-term or short term, the best of the best, for you. 


Founder & CEO

Los Angeles, US



A passionate entrepreneur, Cristina has 30 years of experience in business, 17 of which as an advisor to philanthropists and non-profits.Read More



Denver, US



An astute navigator of relationships that create social change, Jessica combines her experience in foundation advisory with a background in communications.Read More


Operations Director, Sky(lark) Europe

Brussels, Belgium



With a scientific background and practical experience in NGOs and the private sector in Europe and the US, Max brings a hands-on approach.Read More



Islamabad, Pakistan



Representative of the new wave of offshore developers, Taimur brings to the table a unique combination of gentle humor, lean-thinking solutions, and technical expertise.Read More



San Francisco, US



Ellen helps to fill the tank on the Sky(lark) engine by catalyzing resources and teaching others how to do so successfully. Read More



Los Angeles, US



With over 15 years of experience in the non-profit field, Roselma provides grantmaking and strategic development to family foundations and intermediary institutions.Read More

Eloisa Grace Morris

Executive Assistant

Manila, Philippines



Eloisa is an experienced, reliable and task-oriented Bookkeeper and Executive Assistant, working directly with Cristina and supporting the full Sky(lark) team.Read More


Artificial Intelligence

Paris, France



At the same time AI and human intelligence, Julie is our secret weapon (or at least one of them). Ever since Julie joined our team in the summer of 2017, our lives have changed. Read More

Grant Linscott

Design Thinking Expert – Sky(lark) Europe

Toulon, France



Grant is a researcher, educator and consultant in the fields of Design Thinking, Design Strategy, and Business Innovation, with over 25 years of experience working with international companies.Read More

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